Organizations Need Training to Exist

Nearly every organization needs training to exist. They’re either required to offer training of some kind or they do so to improve organizational performance.

Instructional Design Certificate Series is a very practical approach unlike any other. Adults can expect to apply the concepts they learn from their very first course.

In this series the student focuses their efforts on building a practice and contributing a digital portfolio which they constant mold and shape.

Types of Training Required of Organizations Today

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • OSHA: Hazardous Waste, Emergency Response
  • Ethics
  • Orientation
  • Skills
  • Diversity
  • Language Barriers

Academics and Pragmatics

The program requires reading, thought and analysis. Because our program is based on ideas rather than tangible objects (a software program, a photograph, a website) there is a great deal of reading and thinking – especially in the initial courses. Unlike academia we apply ideas to the real world right away. Your experience as an adult will be central.

Reflexive, Portfolio-Based Learning Model vs. Traditional Academic Grading


Our method of learning asks learn to reflect on themselves, on others and on their own work. They develop a professional practice. Those who are trying to career change may use this to take the steps they need to create new career options.

This self-critical ability is essential to effective, high performance instructional design.  To look deeply at what we do and why we do it.

The certificate series asks you to review your own work, that of your fellow students and then reflect those changes in your work. The last review includes formal feedback from the instructor. Instructor feedback is available throughout.


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